In addition to karting, BMP is host to a number of large motorsport events, including the Drift Jam’s “Good Vibes” series, as well as the University of Toronto Formula SAE competition.  Check our Event Calendar to keep up on these and other events!  

Formula SAE Competition

Formula SAE® is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers).  The competition began in 1978 and was originally called SAE Mini Indy. 

Shootout is an annual event hosted by the Formula SAE team at the University of Toronto that provides teams from all across North America the opportunity to race their car in a competitive environment, prior to the design and manufacturing of their new vehicles. 

Drift Jam!

If you’re interested in extreme sports, you might notice that Drift Jam events share a similar feel and format.  We’re excited to bring the familiar jam-style competition feel and culture of skateboard and BMX sessions to the world of motorsports.

Experience the spectacle of Drift Jam’s “Good Vibes” Open Drift days! April, May, June, September and October! Come out and watch some of North America’s best drift drivers! 

April 20 – The Scenario in Ontario!

May 11Good Vibes!

June 16Ready or Not!

September 14Gangstaz Paradise!

October 20Spooky Vibes!

Admission for events is $20 + HST.

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Remember to check our Event Calendar for dates and details!